We are excited about spring time and the imminent launch of our new Field Day Garden candle. Reminiscent of an abundant fresh green garden, it's got green leaves and tomato fruit notes to really bring a fragrance of summer into your home.

To celebrate this new candle, available from the 20th March,  we are going a little off-piste with this blog post and share with you one of our many passions here at Field Day HQ - Gardening

March is an important month in the garden with lots of things you need to start planning if you want a gorgeous summer display of colour. Here are some of the tasks for your garden to-do list:

1. Plant Summer Flowering Bulbs
This is the perfect time of year to plant out tender summer flower bulbs like gladioli and lillies. Plant bulbs as soon as possible after buying them and ideally plant them in groups of 5 or 6. They will need to be planted to a depth that is about double or triple the length of the bulb itself from top to bottom, ensuring the nose/shoot is pointing upwards. Bulbs can be planted in borders or in pots.Garden

2. Start Mowing the Lawn
During spring, use your mower on the highest setting and only mow on dry days. Towards the end of the month, use a spring fertiliser, applying when the ground is wet or rain is forecast.Garden

3. Give your Containers some TLC
For plants that still look happy in their pots, take away 5cm of the compost and replace it with fresh. For plants that need a bigger container, move them now before growth starts, taking away the old compost and replacing it with new - both below and above the root ball.
For plants remaining in the same container, re-pot them every other year with fresh compost to encourage good growth.

4. Start planting Vegetables
When your soil warms up to around 6C, you can start to sow directly outside. Onions and early potatoes can be sown now. But for everything else, this is the time to prepare your veg beds by mixing in lots of manure and compost on drier days. This early preparation will ensure you've got the best possible environment once it's time to start planting out everything else.

5. Prune Hedges Hard 
March is the perfect month to prune  hard into old wood hedges but only to one side only. Leave the top and the other side and they will feed the pruned wood and allow it to regrow during the summer.  Don't forget to feed and mulch your hedges to encourage this growth.Garden

I don't know about you but this seems like quite enough to be getting on with this month! Happy Gardening, Field Day friends.